Last Stop Before Italy: Lugano

Lugano: Nightlife on the Via Paolo Reggazzoni.

Nightlife on the Via Paolo Reggazzoni…

THINGS WERE WINDING DOWN on a cool saturday evening in Lugano, Switzerland near the Funicolare (the funicular railway, a railway that operates with counterbalanced ascending and descending cable cars).

Imagine my relief when we arrived by rail, walked a few feet to the west entrance of the Funicolare, rode it in its easterly decending direction, got off and walked our tired, aching feet less than one minute to our hotel.

At the lower, eastern entrance to the Funicolare we took a left onto a street named Via Paolo Reggazzoni where I squeezed out this “noisy” shot employing solely ambient twilight (and without a tripod no less! We realized at this moment that we had forgotten it in Hotel Gasthaus in Andermatt. Oh well…if that’s our greatest loss on such a long and wonderful journey, then so be it. I count us fortunate.)

We were warned that Hotel Acquarello would be noisy (due to it’s close proximity to the Funicolare) but that was not the case. We booked ahead with plenty of time to request a quiet room and were graciously accommodated. And one cannot beat it’s economical rates and convenience when enjoying what was primarily a vacation by European rail. (If only the US had a rail system like Europe! There is no comparison. Europe – and especially the Swiss – have an excellent rail system well worth the ride.)

Hope you get to enjoy it yourself…

–Lisa Lirones



About Lisa Lirones

LISA LIRONES' career in the graphic arts has spanned more than 20 years. Whether designing award-winning books, brochures, packaging, display graphics or logos, shooting or retouching photos, illustrating (in many genres) or art directing, she works to create – and consistently achieves – effective visual communications that are not only beautiful but arresting: Always exceeding her client's expectations.
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1 Response to Last Stop Before Italy: Lugano

  1. ur2good says:

    Sounds like you learned some Italian. Good for you…hope your feet are alright now. 🙂

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