Swiss Swan Gliding Down The Rhine River

Swan in Switzerland On The RhineYou Can Clearly See This Native Mute Swan Was Delivering A Message…

THE MUTE SWAN is a native of Europe – though over 9,000+ exist in the northeast US alone.

Here, this Mute Swan “flexes her muscle” with an impressive display of feathers. (We weren’t even close to her nest but she certainly disagreed!)

In a secluded spot back of the Rheinau Abbey, she seemingly came out of nowhere, crossing the river, to show us we were close enough for her comfort.

Swans defending their nests or young can injure people so we were more than happy to give her a wide berth.

She sure is beautiful, though…the hi-res of this image will probably end up framed on my wall.

–Lisa Lirones


About Lisa Lirones

LISA LIRONES' career in the graphic arts has spanned more than 20 years. Whether designing award-winning books, brochures, packaging, display graphics or logos, shooting or retouching photos, illustrating (in many genres) or art directing, she works to create – and consistently achieves – effective visual communications that are not only beautiful but arresting: Always exceeding her client's expectations.
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